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Training Programs


General Membership classes are offered at various times and days throughout the week. These training sessions are generally appropriate for all fitness levels, and are all included in the General Membership fee.

GT Box
An extreme cardio kickboxing class that blends standard kickboxing movements, dumbbell resistance training, toning exercises and plyometrics for a total-body cardio and toning workout. You will definitely feel the burn, and you’ll never hurt so good!

GT Bag
Just call it GT Box on steroids. This class provides an anaerobic as well as aerobic workout. The added resistance provided by hitting the bag promotes muscle development and maximizes the calorie burn and increases your metabolism over time.

 Circuit Interval Training
Circuit Interval Training is a performance-based approach to conditioning that is designed to promote maximum cardiovascular and muscle endurance: two key components of high-level performance in any sport. Circuit Interval Training combines two proven methods of training: (1) circuit training, which is a methodical organized workout, and (2) high-intensity interval training, which is a method of training used to dramatically increase endurance and decrease recovery time. We have combined these two methods of training to create a "super circuit" of cardio and resistance training, using drills commonly performed for sports, including basketball, football, boxing, track and field and others.
The high physical-exertion intervals mixed with short recovery intervals more closely mimics the perform-and-recover nature of sports and will make you perform better as an athlete...whether you consider yourself to be an athlete or not. 

 Extreme Core Training
Do you want an intense abdominal/core workout? Well, we have just what the doctor ordered. We are going to break down and then tone up that problem area that plagues us all and get you swimsuit-weather ready. Extreme Core training is one hour of tummy-busting abdominal exercises that will help trim your waistline and strengthen your entire core, including hips, abs, and lower-back muscles. Try it today your waist line will thank you.

 Power Yoga
Power yoga is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to yoga that does not follow a set series of poses and focuses. Therefore, each Power Yoga session can vary widely from the next.  But, what they all have in common is a focus on strength and flexibility. The advent of Power Yoga helped establish yoga's current popularity, particularly amongst athletes, as a way to work out and improve the pliability of the tendons and strength of the muscles around your joints. Increased flexibility and strength around the joints helps protect you from sustaining injury from athletic and everyday activities. Power Yoga will most likely appeal to people who are moderately fit, enjoy exercising, and want a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga.

Rear View
This pilates-styled strength and toning program is designed to focus on the legs, butt and abdominal muscles.  This training program utilizes natural body-weight, resistance bands and weighted resistance equipment to develop strength, while using stability balls, balancing techniques, and stretching to develop long, lean and supple muscles and a swim-suit-ready physique.

 Strictly Strength
A full-body, high-intensity strength training and toning class that utilizes dumbbells, body bars, resistance-tubing, and steps to isolate and tone all the major muscle groups including arms, legs, chest, and abdominal. This is not an aerobic class. This is strictly a weight training and toning class that alternates between large and small muscle groups.

An Afro-Latin dance experience that is lots of fun and a great calorie-burning workout, all rolled into one package. But, we must issue a warning to the faint of heart; this Zumba class is filled with a lot of high-energy, booty-shaking, hip-winding dance-exercise routines...so come prepared.


Advance Fitness Training Programs are conducted in small groups (4-8 people) and are designed for those individuals who would like to achieve an advanced level of physical fitness, including muscle definition, muscle and cardio endurance, and accelerated fat loss over the course of 4 to 8 weeks. These training programs are generally geared towards individuals of moderate-to-advanced fitness levels and there is an additional charge to participate in them.

Flat Abs In 60 Days
An 8-week, rigorous, diet and exercise program designed to help you significantly reduce your body fat, lose up
o 10-15 lbs, tone your waistline, strengthen your abdominal and lower-back muscles and develop an overall leaner physique and healthy eating habits, giving you the tools to maintain your weight long term. This program is appropriate for all fitness levels, but recommended for those individuals who are no more than 30 lbs over their ideal weight. Participants will be required to weigh-in on a weekly basis and keep a food diary.  The exercise portion of this program will take place three times per week for eight weeks (24 sessions).

spension Training
Developed by Navy SEALs, body-weight
suspension training exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a performance training tool that uses gravity and the your body weight to help sculpt your body utilizing hundreds of exercises and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Get a fast, effective total body workout that benefits people of ALL fitness levels.

TRX Suspension Training® allows for the use of multiple planes of motion, working multiple muscles and joints simultaneously, maximizing muscle development and calorie burn. Traditional weight training often only works one muscle at a time and TRX Training forces you to use normal coordinated muscle effort, used to complete most everyday activities. Plus TRX Training is fun and different and we promise you won’t be bored.

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