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Flat Abs in 60 Days


Flat Abs in  60 Days (FA60D) is 8-week diet and exercise program designed to help you significantly reduce your body fat, lose up o 10-20 lbs, trim your waistline, and gain the tools to sustain your weight loss over the long term.  This program is appropriate for all fitness levels, and participants will be required to weigh-in on a weekly basis and keep a food diary.  The exercise portion of this program will take place three times per week for eight weeks (24 sessions).

Diet & Nutrition

As part of this program you will be provided a sample 4-week meal plan.  The Flat Abs in 60 Days meal plan is designed with the specific demands and objectives of the Flat Abs in 60 Days program.  If you decide to follow a diet other than the one prescribed, we cannot be responsible for your results or lack thereof. However, the meal plan does include the general nutritional parameters of our diet on the cover of the meal plan; and any diet followed while participating in the FA60D program should adhere to these guidelines.

You will also be required to keep a Food Diary, a record of everything you eat over the next 8 weeks. We will utilize a smart phone application and/or website, to assist in this regard.  Your diary will be monitored on a weekly basis by a certified nutritionist to ensure that you are staying on track.


The FA60D exercise program is rigorous, but achievable by all.  We limit the number of participants in each session to 8 people per trainer to best monitor the exertion level and safety of your workout.  You will be pushed to your personal limits in most workouts. Please consult your physician to ensure that you are physically capable of completing an advanced fitness program such as this. You do not have to be in advanced physical condition to complete the program, but you will not want to participate in such a program if you have any serious cardiovascular health concerns.

The exercise program will consist of strength training to build lean muscle, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn fat, and sustained aerobic exercise to build cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Schedule and Attendance

Monday - Friday @ 5:30 AM and 10:30 AM
Tuesday - Friday @ 6:30 PM
Monday - Thursday @ 8:00 PM
Saturday @ 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 11:30 AM

Schedule is subject to change depending on participation levels in each group.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are available to attend the allotted training sessions included in this 8-week training program, beginning on the first day you attend the program and taking place over the eight subsequent weeks thereafter. If you cannot attend your regularly scheduled training session, you may make up the missed sessions at another regularly scheduled FA60D session during the same 8-week session. You will only be allowed to make up missed training sessions beyond the current 8-week program due to extended absences (one continuous week or more) related to medical, injury, or business-travel reasons.


$150 - 12 sessions per month (4 weeks)
$180 - 18 sessions per month (4 weeks) [recommended for beginners]

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